Marine Anthony Gets Blown

Anthony is a 23 y/o Marine, standing 6′ 6″, weighing 240 lbs.  Anthony is about the straightest Marine I have come across yet.  Obviously stressed about performing sexually around and with another guy, he just wants to bust his nut and get the hell out !!!  Before his BJ scene, he implored me to let himself get his dick hard, then let me “take over”.  However I insisted in doing all the “work” myself.  Much to my surprise (and I’m sure to Anthony as well)  I busted Anthony off in record time, under 10 minutes !!!

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Marine Jason

Jason is a 24 y/o Marine, standing 6′ 1″ , weighing 195 lbs. Jason is your typical tough Marine, with a manly body, several Marine tattoos, and a devilish smile. Jason claims to have banged over 60 “chicks”, and has never let a “dude” touch his dick !!! Like most Marines, cash talks and when I show him the green, his mood suddenly becomes all business. Jason finds that spanking his dick on camera, is a bit more challenging than he thought it would be. After some effort, he blows us a good nut, and we’re both satisfied !!

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Marine Brandon

Brandon is a 21 year old Marine standing 5′ 4″ and weighing 145 pounds. He’s back again this week to get my personal service!!!  Have to confess that working on these straight boys can mostly be a chore!!! But as usual, I try to make lemons out of lemonade!!! Brandon has a pretty decent dick, and he does his best to make the scene work.  After blowing a great nut, we did the usual small talk and photo shoot, and damn, as soon as I turned off the camera, Brandon asked, if next time there would be any girls to service him.

Marine Marco

Naked Marine Marco

Marco is a 24 y/o Marine standing 5′ 9″ and weighing in at 180 lbs. This Italian American is another typical Marine, Handsome, straight, pussy crazy, and very reluctant about jacking off for a guy. Thankfully, like most other Marines, the thought of picking up some easy cash, was just a little too hard to pass up. Marco is equipped with a 7 inch, cut dick, and blows a nice nut, after a lengthy spank session. Hopefully you will enjoy his struggle, as much as I did!

Marine Mike W.

Marine Corps stud

Mike W. is a 23 y/o Marine standing 6′ tall weighing in at 170lbs. Mike is a typical lean, muscular, tattooed Marine, with a shaved head. You know you are getting the real deal here @ Military Men Exposed. Mike is really just another shy straight guy, looking to make a little extra cash on the side. Mike has every reason to be proud of his nice lean chiseled body. As most Marines that find their way into my filming studio, he was just a bit nervous about getting naked and hard for a “guy” but he does warm up, and I think you will agree with me, that Mike looks great both IN and OUT of uniform. Enjoy!!

Marine Dakota

Marine Dakota

Dakota is a 22 y/o Marine standing 6′ 1″ and 235lbs. Another Big Stud Marine, Dakota is of Indian decent, from the great state of New Mexico. Dakota was able to sneak away from his girlfriend, who was busy shopping at the local mall while her boyfriend was busy, busting a nut for you and me! Dakota was very eager to get naked, and to start work right away! With sexy brown eyes and a naturally smooth body, he was really nice to work with! Not shy, and very secure with the entire situation. It makes me wonder if Dakotas’ girlfriend might have something to worry about. Enjoy!

Naked Marine Austin

Marine Austin

Meet New Recruit Austin! A 22 year old Marine standing 5’10″ and weighing 195 lbs. This Naked Marine has beautiful blue eyes, incredibly handsome looks, and a beautiful fat Uncut 8 inch cock. As do most Marines who stumble across my path, Austin was flat broke, and in need of some quick cash. After the usual, ”but I’m totally straight”, conversation. Austin agreed to drop his cammies, and spunk a load for my camera. I hope you agree with me, Austin is damn hot!!!

Naked Marines Brad

Naked Marines

Bradley is a 25 year old Marine standing 6’ 1′’ and 200 pounds. Bradley is about as Straight as they come! While he really needed to make the $$$$ it’s pretty clear from his demeanor he really wanted to get his nut busted, and get the hell out!!! Referred to me by a buddy who had already done some work for me he was always polite in a painful kind of way, but really, you know he would rather be railing on some chicks than putting on a show for me. AND yes he puts on a nice show!!!

Marine Sam

Marine Sam

New Recruit Sam is a 21 year old Marine standing 6′ 1″ and 210 lbs. Sam is not your everyday Marine. He is a big man, with a nice non-manscaped 8 inch dick, a shower and a grower he is just a regular guy who likes to bangs chicks. Fortunately for us he enjoyed some hidden fantasies to drop his drawer while making a few bucks. With a really nice USMC tattoo on his arm and a really hot happy trail, starting at his naval and leading down to his really beautiful 8 inch cock. I think Sam was a real find and I hope you will agree!!!